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Over my career, I have worked with over 50 organizations to help them improve the products, services, marketing, and product development processes. At, I served as the Director of User Experience leading a full re-design and optimization initiative that helped grow traffic from 2.5M monthly unique visits to over 6M. As a principal at my firm, Montparnas, I have worked as product strategist, user experience architect, product manager, and lead researcher for multiple high-profile clients such as Bank of America, Autodesk, Safeway, Electronic Arts, Wells Fargo, the California Judicial System, Build It Green,, and many more. Finally, I have served as the head of product and engineering for Atma Connect, where our mission is to empower people at the bottom of the economic pyramid with mobile technology. Our main product is, which is a neighborhood-level social network and is available in select neighborhoods in Jakarta, Indonesia. allows neighbors to report problems, share solutions, and exchange advice. It's early, but we've seen exponential growth since launching in December 2014.