Scott Jones

Scott Jones

Carmel, Indiana, United States
Member since October 28, 2010
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Indiana University , BS

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Scott A. Jones brings over two decades of experience and achievement to ChaCha as a veteran entrepreneur, inventor, strategist, and venture capitalist. His well-seasoned perspective and pioneering instincts provide unique direction for the gifted team that ChaCha continues to assemble.


At age 25, Scott invented the massively scalable, easy-to-use voicemail system that has been used by over a billion people around the world. Subsequently, he built Gracenote, the company that supplies Internet-based music services for companies including Apple, Yahoo, and Sony. Gracenote services are being accessed globally at the rate of 24 billion times per year by applications such as iTunes.

More than two decades ago, Scott described publicly during speeches in Hong Kong and London – well before desktop search engines and the Web were born – a vision of people having access to all of mankind’s knowledge, from anywhere, and at anytime. In late 2005, Scott realized that the enabling technologies of the Web and the ubiquity and portability of mobile devices finally provided the necessary pieces of the puzzle to manifest the dream. Hence, ChaCha was born. Scott is now driven by the singular focus of making ChaCha the world’s easiest-to-use and most comprehensive way to access information and answers while people are on the go.