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Sathya Elumalai

Baltimore, Maryland, United States
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Johns Hopkins University , MBA , Healthcare Management

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Mr. Sathya Elumalai, MS, MBA, is the Co-founder and CEO for Multisensor Diagnostics (MDX) with over ten years of experience leading product development, program management, performance improvement, contract negotiation, and new business development. At MDx, he is responsible for the overall product and technology development initiatives, investor relationships, and have established successful business partnerships with key telehealth providers and wellness management companies. Before joining MDx, Mr. Elumalai served as a head of business development at a healthcare data analytics firm responsible for managing a $148M predictive analytics product and implementing improvements in STAR ratings for health insurance plans. 

Mr. Elumalai is a certified professional in healthcare quality and safety, and a formally trained health services researcher with diverse leadership experience in the areas of patient safety and quality outcomes at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institute. Mr. Elumalai has demonstrated expertise serving in corporate leadership positions in organization-wide operational oversight roles for developing infrastructure and strategic initiatives resulting in increased profitability and enhanced quality.

Mr. Elumalai holds a dual master’s degree, MS and MBA in Healthcare Management, from the prestigious Johns Hopkins University. He is also a proven leader recognized for building scalable processes, integrating analytics into decision making, improving customer satisfaction, and driving exceptional cross-functional integration and performance. With an entrepreneurial mindset supported by strong business acumen and educational qualifications in the Business of Medicine, Mr. Elumalai aims to manage large-scale healthcare transformation and implement innovations in healthcare industry.