Richard Lee

Richard Lee

Founder & CEO of Bravely - world's first EdTech-Ceuticals; founded Bravely to save my own life; 3X founder with a NASDAQ IPO before age 35. 15 years of ASEL experience.

Los Angeles, California, United States
Member since April 12, 2018
A level-10 trauma orphan from Taiwan. With my background & discovery, my life mission is to democratize success, health & happiness. Quote_down
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Bravely, Sunco. Investments Corp., Audio Chamber Intl. Corp., Steakhouse Partners, Inc., SH Financial Corp.
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I want to change the world.

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Airbnb, PayPal, LinkedIn

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Founder and CEO, Bravely - Jul. 2013 to present. Bravely is the world's first EdTech-Ceuticals - democratize success & health at zero & nearly-zero cost. 

Health Transformer, StartUp Health - Dec. 2017 to present. Bravely is honored top the list of StartUp Health's Moonshot for Happiness & Mental Health.

Co-Founder and CEO, SH Financial Corp - Direct seller of home mortgages for minorities through NewKey Home Lending.

Co-Founder and CEO, Steakhouse Partners - Jan. 1998 - Dec. 2002. Largest mid-price steakhouse chain in US. Publicly traded NASDAQ (SIZL). LBO roll-up.


"Why changing behaviors for better health and success is near impossible?" I asked myself? I am an orphan who suffered level-10 trauma. I used to numb my pain with ramen (I was obese) and workaholism - taking data to build super things. At 19, I sold my car for $3K to seed my first tech startup. Many mistakes later, by 34, I was a 3X founder + a NASDAQ IPO. 

Yet, I was in silent agony no matter how many super companies, supercars and super homes I built, I still couldn't change my bad behaviors causing my life to be terrible. I suffered depression, obesity, addiction, bad relationships & loneliness (even with caring friends around). My inner demons had always destroyed my "success". In 2000, I failed a suicide. So I sought help from the "helping" industries. They took my time, money, hope. And in return I got failure to improve. This made me ashamed until I started researching these industries. What I found horrified me - the near 100% failure rates, the hiding of the truth, blatant lying to innocent people. Then I got ENRAGED when friends committed suicide while being "helped" by these "helping" industries.

So in 2004, I assembled a world-class research team to find the super solution for behavioral health — we did, Bravely. 

I'm married to Theresa Lee who's my co-founder at Bravely.