Ricardo Zulueta

Ricardo Zulueta

I'm a serial entrepreneur with an educational background in Finance. I've acquired knowledge in different fields from my business ventures in the influencer, fashion, and tattoo industries and a non-profit foundation for suicide prevention.

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Toms River, NJ, United States
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1999 Fairleigh Dickinson University , BS , B.S. Finance

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Paid Exposure, Paid Exposure, Start Day One
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AT&T Bell Laboratories, Intel Corporation
If you're an entrepreneur or corporate innovator, why?

I want to change the world.

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Based on my experience in losing my brother to suicide, I learned that most people don't get sad or depressed because of their situation; it's because of their perspective.

After talking to thousands of people with my apparel brand, I've learned that a negative perspective evolves into anxiety, depression, drug abuse, etc. and eventually suicidal tendencies. Everyone is exposed to inspirational content every day but they're all meaningless unless they persuade you to actually make a decision.

Depression, anxiety, drugs, etc. are results, not the cause. Remedying results instead of the cause and waiting for symptoms do not solve these problems. This is why we started a non-profit to proactively help people's mental health by speaking at schools, companies, events, etc. for free BEFORE getting depression or suicidal tendencies.

From my experience with my apparel brand, I've learned that most influencers are unprofessional and without business experience. All of the problems in the influencer industry stem from influencers and thousands of influencer platforms help sponsors but nothing exists that actually help influencers. It's like teaching people how to tattoo instead of trusting tattoo artists to master their skills.

Transactions in the influencer industry typically take weeks or months to finalize because of the lack of trust. My startup helps build trust in the marketplace by applying a system that provides transparency, credibility, and accountability.

We empower influencers to become entrepreneurs by monetizing valuable exposure with a platform to manage and scale their own business and a marketplace to connect with advertising sponsors and agencies to promote brands/products. We guide sponsors on the most cost-effective way to implement influencer marketing.