Ramy Adeeb

Ramy Adeeb

Ramy Adeeb is the Founder and CEO of Snip.it, a startup which lets you collect your favorite articles, images, and videos and easily share it with the world.

Website: http://snip.it/ramy
San Francisco, California, United States
Member since June 26, 2012
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If you're an entrepreneur or corporate innovator, why?

Because I love building products. Back in the summer of last year I became very passionate about the idea behind Snip.it, building a platform that allows you to collect the best of the web and share all the great content you find online around your interests. So...I decided to quit my job in VC and pursue Snip.it instead.

My favorite startups:

Quora. They have stuck to their guns and have really succeeded in building a thoughtful community around Q&A.

What's most frustrating and rewarding about entrepreneurship/innovation?

The most rewarding aspect is seeing your product, user base, and team blossom. Knowing that you started with a germ of an idea and are watching it expand, grow and evolve. It never stops evolving.
The most frustrating is the constant emotional roller coaster a founder goes through. Every day you face new opportunities (new markets, product ideas, growth ideas) and new threats (competitors, things not going fast enough, market challenges). And, if you lose perspective, the emotional toll can be quite high. To deal with frustration, I try to maintain perspective and remember the old Persian and Hebrew saying: Gam Zeh Ya┬╣avor, or that too shall pass.

What's the No. 1 mistake entrepreneurs/innovators make?

Relying on themselves instead of relying on others. And a close second is premature scaling.

What are the top three lessons you've learned as an entrepreneur?

1) People are everything. Hire the best folks.
2) Focus on getting your product right before focusing on growth
3) Stay hungry, stay foolish!

Full bio

Ramy Adeeb is the Founder and CEO of Snip.it, which allows you to collect the best of the Web. Snip.it enables you to easily “snip” content - videos, images, and articles - and share your opinions with the world.

Before founding Snip.it, Ramy was a Principal at Khosla Ventures, working closely with the legendary investors Vinod Khosla and Pierre Lamond.  There, he worked on a number of investments including Square, Groupme (acquired by Skype), and Ness Technologies where he is currently an advisor. Previously, Ramy led the enterprise engineering group at Tellme and oversaw the development of more than 30 products, including the first voice-activated phone brokerage application. He was an integral part of the team when it was acquired by Microsoft for $800M.

Ramy holds a bachelor’s and master’s in Computer Science from Harvard and an MBA from Stanford, where he was an Arjay Miller Scholar.  He is the author of a number of patents in VoiceXML application development and the co-founder of the Harvard Arab Alumni Association.  He currently sits on the board of directors of Ness Technologies and Seatme.

When he’s not snipping, Ramy is busy sailing the San Francisco bay.