Scott Rumizen

Scott Rumizen

Scott Rumizen is an experienced Attorney. He has completed his undergraduate degree from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science in 1987.

Beachwood, Ohio
Member since September 26, 2020
Scott Rumizen is an Attorney in Beachwood, Ohio with nearly 25 years of Experience. Quote_down
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Scott Rumizen Attorney is one of the most sought after luminaries in the practicing legal fraternity by virtue of his deep understanding of legal matters that makes it relatively uncomplicated for him to comprehend legal issues. This forte enables him to accordingly prepare draft and represent each case suited to obtain a favorable ruling in the favor of his client. The most important reasons for client’s unbroken trust on Scott Rumizen over his contemporaries during any legal dispute or distress are his ethical nature, compassionate and professionalism that he has been carrying along all throughout his career apart from his profound knowledge on legal matters.