Philip Kaplan

Philip Kaplan

San Francisco, California, United States
Member since June 03, 2010
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1997 Syracuse University , BS , Information Management and Technology

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Blippy, TinyLetter, AdBrite, FuckedCompany
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Philip Kaplan is an entrepreneur in San Francisco, California. He's CEO of ADHD Labs, an San Francisco-based startup incubator.  Philip previously founded Blippy, a venture-backed social shopping company, and AdBrite, the largest privately-held Internet ad network.  In 2010, Philip was entrepreneur-in-residence at Charles River Ventures. Philip founded and sold several businesses including and PK Interactive, a software company that developed web-based applications for Fortune 500 clients.  Philip is the bestselling author of F'd Companies: Spectacular Dot-com Flameouts (Simon & Schuster). He is an active angel investor and advises several companies.  Philip graduated from Suracuse University and has been on the school's Board of Advisors since October 2006.