Peter Sullivan

Peter Sullivan

San Francisco, California, United States
Member since June 07, 2008
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2007 Rutgers University , BA , Economics, International Business

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guess you could say my story begins as a child. While others played with boardgames, I was constructing my own. I grew up with a fascination in the creative aspects of life, the idea of innovation. Since as long as I can remember I viewed the world in a slightly different perspective then most. I tried to dismantle the existing system, find its weakness, and exploit it. Whether this is to be considered a gift or not I will never know, but throughout my life people have noticed this difference. Even at the strangest moments people have mentioned that I possesses a drive that distinguishes me from anyone. With this repetitive observation I have always felt that I had large shoes to fill. For the first time in my life I see where my success lies and have realized that my current corporate situation only stifles my potential. I have always had an entrepreneur spirit and desire to dictate my own future. The formation of Gadingo Inc. with my childhood friend has created a confidence that cannot be ignored. The best business ideas emerge out of problems we face first hand. Gadingo meshes my passion for entertainment events, the spirit of innovation, and the ability to create a lucrative business through a solution I've discovered.


The Hartford, Rockaway, New Jersey / San Francisco, California
Bond Underwriter, July 2007-Present
• Financial analysis skills used to interpret risk and select companies to provide bonds for

• Handled portfolio of business in excess of $20 Million dollars in bonds

• Developed marketing skills to obtain strong accounts from brokers 

Mack Industries Consulting, New York, New York
Summer Finance Intern, July 2006
• Balanced financial budgets for Chris Anderson's Wired Magazine “Long Tail” book launch event
• Consolidated startup's expense reports for better accessibility


Biolytix, Queensland, Australia
International Marketing Intern, May-July 2006
• Generated in-depth (50 page) analysis of the firm’s top competitors in order to gain a competitive
advantage in the growing market
• Obtained international business skills amongst a rapidly expanding industry looking to
further its global position
• Assisted marketing department in developing future marketing strategy