Musasizi Timothy Karubanga

Musasizi Timothy Karubanga

Ugandan-based serial entrepreneur in the technology space

Tokyo, Japan
Accredited investor
Member since September 24, 2019
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Type of investor Angel Seed Fund Late stage VC
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Credentials Accredited Investor
2016 Tokyo institute of Technology , BA , BTech

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Musasizi Timothy Karubanga is one of the most affluent entrepreneurs and angel investor in Kampala, Uganda. Having been born and brought up in a humble background, MK Timothy, as he is popularly referred to, strived to become a successful businessperson.His academic background is impressive as he had the chance of joining the Tokyo Institute of Technology, a reputable university in Japan, to pursue Communications Engineering. It is in Japan that MK Timothy founded his first business, Tim Tech Consults in 2008. He later relocated this IT services company to Uganda in the year 2010. 

MK Timothy has a well-diversified portfolio of his business ventures. He has ventured in other small-scale industries, the real estate sector and he is a co-founder of Stawi foods and fruits. He is also a reknowned philanthropist who has taken the initiative to make the lives of his country people better.

This is through health and developmental programs that he runs in the rural areas. In 2017, MK Timothy was honored as one of the top 100 young economic entrepreneurs in Africa. He was also recognized as the recipient of the Young Entrepreneur Award from Africa Early Stage Investors Summit in 2015. Despite his tremendous achievements, MK Timothy has remained humble and he strives to make the lives of his fellow youths better. 

In December 2008, MK Timothy founded Tim Tech Consults, a small IT services company. • In 2011, Tim Tech Consults had its first expansion out of Uganda. Under MK’s leadership, they were able to acquire GE’s global Development Center in DR Congo. This expansion also saw the diversification of Tim Tech’s portfolio. The firm has also been able to expand its operations and currently has 80 associates and 3 offices across Africa. • Tim Tech acquired the China based IT United, thus expanding to the Asian market.• Through his role as an angel investor, MK Timothy has managed to venture into other small and large business ventures. Some of these businesses include Gold Cage Africa, Home Duuka, Tvoices, Mbale Coffee Giants, Tim pay and others. These businesses are doing quite well under his leadership. • MK Timothy is also a philanthropist. He is actively involved in health and development programs across Uganda. He has been giving away solar lanterns to remote villages in Uganda where there is little or no access to electricity. He also undertakes the role of teaching farmers in this region how to use solar lanterns and how they can use them to boost their earnings. In terms of donations, MK Timothy has donated over US$900,000 to projects intended to improve the lives of people in Uganda. He has also provided many employment and economic opportunities to Ugandans. 

The company currently operates in Uganda, Kenya and DRC and has 80 associates in Africa and abroad offering application software development, testing, security and support; business process outsourcing (BPO); and IT infrastructure management, security and support to more than two hundred corporations in more than twelve countries. It also acts as a value-added reseller (VAR) for SAP SE, Informatics, Cognos, Business Objects and other software products. Tim Tech Consults is also the creator and a leader of the ‘nearshore’ industry with CMMI Level 3 in the industry. Under his leadership, Tim Tech Consults has become the fifth largest private IT service provider in Africa.2. Real Estate managementMusasizi has also ventured widely in real estate. Starting around 2014, Timothy began buying run-down buildings in the cities Kampala and Mbarara. He would renovate them and either sell or rent them out to other companies. He also began acquiring strategic pieces of land in Kampala and developing them through construction of residential and commercial buildings, using loans from financial institutions.Also through his Tim Tech Consults, MK Timothy is using technological innovations to start constructing smart houses. A typical example of a smart home is visible on four-star hotels. It comes with automated light control, smart thermostats, automated locks, cameras and smart garage doors among others. This venture will help propel Africa to achieve technological advancement. 3. Agricultural enterprise investorIn May 2017, Timothy launched a rainwater filtration and bottling company. This company produces purified water that helps to ensure that the people of Uganda have access to cleaner water. He has also ventured in the processing and packaging of various dairy products, which are customized to meet the needs of the Ugandan market. Following in his parents footsteps, Musasizi has invested in the coffee plantation farm in Masaka-Uganda. As an initial investor in Stawi foods and fruit, his co-owned East Africa based innovative company produces banana flour from bananas that are bought from small-scale farmers in rural areas.Recent News and achievements• MK Timothy’s achievements as an executive businessperson and successful entrepreneur have been recognized around the globe. He managed to achieve the 2005 Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. He was also named as one of Business Insider’s Most Powerful when it comes to business strategy. • Musasizi has been honored as one of the Top 100 young economic entrepreneurs in Africa. TestimonialsAll the businesses that are run and managed by Tim Tech consults have gained reputable reviews and ratings. This is from clients who are contented with the services that are provided by these businesses. In bringing his firm to Africa, MK Timothy can be classified as one who loves his continent and he would strive to see it grow technologically. His angel investment role also puts him in a position where he can grow the economy of Africa at large and help curb the high level of unemployment among the youth. 
Some of the most notable testimonials from fellow business people include; Muhammad Arslan Anwer Alvi who is a businessperson from Potato Square says, “Musasizi Timothy is a great combination of thinker and doer. He is able to take input and materials from a great number of sources and rationalize them into well thought out. He has a deep understanding of the learning process and creates large scale, innovative and high-impact programs to deliver skills and education that changes lives. Additionally, he is fantastic to work with and comes to work with a great attitude every day. I am grateful to him for his work ethic and focus.”Fazal Rehman, a senior accounts and taxation officer at Shapes Pvt Ltd says, “Smart, ambitious, and energetic, Tim is a force of nature. The Oracle acquisition of Tim is a direct result of Tim's insights, strategic thinking, and strong execution. Tim brings extraordinary passion to start-ups and knows how to add tremendous value.”