Chandra Mohan

Chandra Mohan

Hyderabad, India
Member since February 20, 2009
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2002 Pondicherry University , MBA , Master of Business Administration

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Chandra is Co-founder and has 'End-to-End' responsibility for company's Top line and Bottom line. Chandra has spearheaded business development and revenue generation initiatives across the globe and has been very responsible for building our customer base.

He heads the Marketing Communications, Product Management, Market Intelligence, and Sales teams and is responsible for developing strategic alliances and raising venture/public financing. Chandra also leads the Pre-Sales and Solutions teams and is responsible for Contract Management and legal issues.

Chandra has more than 10 years of experience in leading IT products and services and has experience in developing global markets and account mining activities. He has strong skills in New Product Introduction and Forecasting techniques.

Chandra has also been speaker in leading platforms on Global Trade, SMB Business Challenges, and Aligning IT Strategy to Business. By qualification, Chandra is a B.S. (Finance and Accounting), M.B.A (Marketing) and has also completed Graduate program in Export Management