Michael Pearson

Michael Pearson

Website: www.entrepreneurshopusa.com
Sacramento, California, United States
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Entrepreneurshop ®, Inc is focused on true Entrepreneurs. We don't represent anybody, but we represent everybody. Meaning, were not in it for a commission, were in it to help you find your dream business, because as you know, money follows passion and value, so lets start there.


Were different because we make you qualify as customers, therefore the customer is playing on our ground-rules not theirs, we cannot be compared to anybody else. We assess your skill set and experience and align and award you the opportunity when you qualify. Were different because our target market is the college student, we don't care how much money you have to start out with, we have opportunities that range from less than $100 dollars to get started to 1.2M +, if you have a dollar to invest, some courage and ambition, we have been looking for you. We are here to build the future of the youth, and align them with their dream business, whether you have no money and want to be in business, or your a multi millionaire looking to invest in the most profitable franchises, were are your source, the Entrepreneurshop ®



Entrepreneurshop's ® goal is to provide real world business experience to the young / brand new Entrepreneur, and show them how to make money with little investment whether its a low cost franchise, network marketing, or business opportunity. Then once they have mastered the art of business and entrepreneurship, we will help and provide them with the resources, consulting, funding, and self development to expand their enterprise through proven franchised concepts. Bottom line, we are different because we are going to show you how to make money regardless of your situtation, and then be there for you again once you want to diversify your fortune.