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Boulder, Colorado, United States
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As an entrepreneur I launched, funded and built four multi-million dollar companies. The first one failed. The second sold for a handsome profit. The third and fourth (as well as two others), I took public on the NASDAQ.

Each company I built required investor financing to get off the ground, and additional funds to accelerate growth. All in all I raised over $50 million for my companies through 21 successful rounds of funding. Much of it came in the last five years, in some of the toughest financial times ever — and I did it without banks or venture capital.

I could have retired several times, but passion for new ideas, the challenge of turning ideas into products, and the excitement of bringing resulting products and services to market in a unique and dramatic way continues to draw me from one business adventure to another.

Having mentored many entrepreneurs through the years, helping them fund and build their own successful companies, I am now putting my business acumen and battlefield experience to use for business owners wanting to raise money to fund their start up or to expand their existing business.

My method for raising capital revolves around a highly unique approach called investor direct offerings (IDOs). IDOs capitalize in recent amendments to SEC and state regulations that enable entrepreneurs to advertise and sell stock directly to the public—opening up for the first time a virgin pool of 30 million new investors that are now eligible to invest in private companies just like yours.

I am now teaching, training mentoring and supporting business owners, helping to raise money through Investor Direct Offerings. Not all ideas or companies are good candidates for an IDO. But for those that are, you will greatly benefit by visiting my web site to learn if this is right for you.

Visit for more information or call for a free consultation: 303-449-0239.