Melih Oztalay

Melih Oztalay

I am an innovator of new ideas and a early adopter of new concepts and technologies. As an entrepreneur I am always open to new knowledge.

Birmingham, Michigan, United States
Member since December 30, 2009
I am the CEO of Smartfinds Internet Marketing a corporate web marketing agency providing the management of strategic web marketing processes to business. Quote_down
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1986 Central Michigan University , BS , Bachelor of Science

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More than 20 years of successful business experience in entrepreneurial environment. Primary focus on business development, sales, execution and management. Secondary focus on information technologies (IT) and a strong ability to apply IT capabilities to business needs using creative and innovative methods.

Business Philosophy:
- "There is nothing a computer cannot do, that money and time cannot buy"

- "There is a opportunity and solution for every problem"

innovator, early adopter, imagination, creativity, resourcefulness, entrepreneur, research, analysis, planning, strategy for business growth.