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Mark Pincus

San Francisco, California, United States
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Mark Pincus is a leading Internet entrepreneur, having founded and established four successfulcompanies.  His latest venture Zynga, founded in January 2008, is the largest social gaming network, and marries his knowledgeof social networks with his desire to create the next mass market video gamephenomenon. Zynga has received $39 million in funding to date and has more than7 million daily active users playing their online social games.

With a visionary eye, Mark foreshadowed the popularity of social networks whenhe founded Tribe Networks ( in 2003, one of the first onlinecommunities and social networking sites. Tribe partnered with major localnewspapers and was funded by The Washington Post, Knight Ridder Digital andMayfield Venture Capital. Four years later, Cisco purchased the core tribe.netassets to provide an initial platform for its digital media services group.

Prior to Tribe, Mark co-founded SupportSoft, Inc. (Nasdaq: SPRT), originallyknown as, a provider of service and support automationsoftware.  Mark served as chairman andCEO and led the company through its successful IPO to become one of the world’sleading publicly traded enterprise software companies.

Mark’s initial Internet success began with Freeloader, the first web-based
consumerpush information service.  Freeloader was acquired seven months after launch byIndividual, Inc. for $38 million.  Prior to Freeloader, Mark worked invarious capacities in venture capital, business development and financialservices.

Mark earned his B.A. from University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School ofBusiness and his MBA from Harvard Business School.  A native of Chicago,Mark has lived in several cities across U.S. including Philadelphia, Boston,Washington DC and Denver and currently resides in San Francisco.