Manuel Mendy Goldring

Manuel Mendy Goldring

Today, he rides a Cannondale that is top of the line. Nonetheless, his mountain bike is not the only item he's modified. Manuel Goldring now advocates for longer journeys that allow him to consume the outdoors.

Teaneck, NJ
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Manuel Goldring has it all. So he plays games. A gamer. Madden born. Lessons learned. FPS. He likes Tarkov. Quote_down
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This remark by Maya Angelou, a poet and activist, isn't the only one about finding happiness outside of a job. There are numerous proverbs and adages that emphasize the significance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. A job is simply that: a job. Work to live, not the other way around. The list goes on and on.

Manuel Goldring, on the other hand, sees it as more than cliches. It's more than just a collection of inspiring quotations on a poster. It's a philosophy he believes in. It's a way of life for them. After quitting his job as an accountant, the New Jersey native now spends his days doing only what makes him happy. Manuel Goldring's family, hobbies, and passion for technology are all important to him.

Family has always come first, but that began to shift in March. Manuel Goldring discovered a whole new level of commitment after the birth of his first kid. Being a dad provides him with a sense of calm and purpose. It hasn't been easy, as it would be for any new father. Inadequate sleep and a full-time commitment are unforgiving roadblocks. Nonetheless, the payoff is well worth it. One of his greatest delights is waking up to his baby's smile every morning. He's picking up new skills as he goes. Despite what others have told him, he is discovering that each child, even his own, is unique. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach. He, on the other hand, is loving the journey. He discovers something new, intriguing, and gratifying every day.