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Manolo Abrignani

I ran my first start up when I was 21. I tried to learn form every client, from every colleague, from every competitor. Today I'm challenging to contribute to build a better tomorrow for everyone.

Roma, Italy
Member since January 08, 2012
I'm doing my best to let people combine for their best. Going beyond. Sometimes pushing till the limits. Tell me where you want to go and I'll find a way to reach there together. Quote_down
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2003 European School of Economics , BA , International Business
2013 Università di Roma "La Sapienza" , MS , psychology of informational systems

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If you are an entrepreneur, why?

I want to make my part...

What's most frustrating and rewarding about entrepreneurship/innovation?

In italy? the political and welfare system that really doesn't take in consideration young minds as one of the most important factor for the national growth. They don't help you concretely.

In general, the difficulty that a good idea must face is the IP process. Expensive and to much "sneaky".

What's the No. 1 mistake entrepreneurs make?

Self-reference. The incapacity of share responsibilities and rely on his/her team.

What are the top three lessons you've learned as an entrepreneur?

Fail even worse.
Never fail again.

Full bio

I'm not ashamed to say that luck had a big role in my life and my biggest luck has been the one to be selected for an International University. I won a scholarship to attend the European School of Economics in Rome and since then my life took an different course.

Due to the pragmatic academic system I had to simulate a start-up company lounching as my second year project. That project became my first start-up. "chimp co. |  design goes ape" then became "Studio Brutus" in five years of professional growth from a super local market to the one made of multinational companies and international advertising campaigns. We won several awards such us MTV best new ident competition. Please have a look to to check our latest clients in 2006 before we decided to take an individual career. We were between the first to offer top-notch flash actionscripting website, and videogames, J2ME mobile application and cutting-edge video animation and post production. In particular I want to underline that form that experience I met Daniel Harris Ravine, today partner of Becker, Harris & Co, at that time WDDG executive manager and then Sarkissian Mason's one. From him I learn the art of engineering a business through inspiration.

After that I've been called in a new challenge in the REAL ESTATE sector. The awarness of internet and social communication by real estate operators in Italy was comparable as the high middle-age. In 3 years I've been engaged in studying, implementing and launching a new Real Estate Firm and managment software based not on the traditional franchising model, but rathern on the new "social shopping criteria" in which the internet based features were the most innovative on the market. is one of the leading realestate website in Rome.

Then in the Startup Weekend held in Rome I met Roberto and Alessio. Two weeks befor I met Luca and Brun in the one in Milane. We combined and worked out Qurami frmm Roberto's intuition and today we are all together at the Vator Splash competition, as a TEAM, as a COMPANY...


Beside my professional bio I want to share my other personal experiences such as my role as a Team Coach in a amateurial team made of ex semi-professional players. I got this position for 5 years and this taught me how to manage critical situations and conflicts in a closed system like a team is. Especially were you are not facing a professional situation but an interpersonal one. I think this made me wiser in my professional skills too.