Lindsey Lieb

Lindsey Lieb

Mental health tech startup founder, mom, real estate investor & small business owner.

Knoxville, Tennessee, United States
Member since October 29, 2019
Mental health tech startup founder, mom, real estate investor & small business owner. Quote_down
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1996 University of Florida , BS , Bachelor of Applied Science
2002 University of Tennessee-Knoxville , MBA

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I’m Lindsey, Founder of Happego, a psychological priming tool with the primary purpose of enhancing healthy attitudes and pro-social behaviors.

I got the idea because I was concerned about the negative impact screen-time was having on my family and I knew that avoiding screens wasn’t a realistic option.

A lot of my thinking has been influenced by the conversations I’ve had with the eminent Empathy and Altruism Researcher, Dan Batson and Yale's Automaticity in Cognition, Motivation, and Evaluation Researcher, John Bargh.

As for the app itself, the thinking behind it was largely inspired by my neighbor, Michael Olson, and his research on evaluative conditioning, which shows that repeated pairings presented over time can have lasting effects on automatic associations (e.g.,

With Happego, users & groups can enhance well-being & pro-social behaviors with a software that subtly integrates science-backed visual stimuli onto screens without interrupting the normal use.

Scientifically proven to immediately impact implicit attitudes & behaviors, Happego primes cues per a chosen goal, measures key behavioral data, then adjusts based on what motivates each individual user. It's validated with over 25 years of research across many disciplines from; autism to altruism, and everything in between.

Building on MIT researcher Sandy Pentland's work regarding data collection and evaluation in economics, pairing it with UTK's Dr. Olson, KU's Dr. Batson, Yale's Dr. Bargh and Stanford's Dr. Doty work in; social, psychological and neurological research - we've designed a solid system to psychologically prime neural firing, creating improved & lasting habits.