Krishna Gupta

Krishna Gupta

Member since January 05, 2015
Founder and General Partner at Romulus Capital Quote_down
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Krishna founded Romulus Capital while an undergrad with the intent of building technology businesses out of the MIT and Harvard ecosystems. Over the years he has worked across many industries, leading Romulus to regularly be the first institutional partner of seed-stage companies. He particularly enjoys partnering with companies with a B2B angle and innovative technology or science at the core of their value proposition.

Prior to Romulus, Krishna spent time at McKinsey & Company and JPMorgan, where he helped execute billion-dollar M&A deals in technology, media, and telecom. He has also conducted physical chemistry research at the University of Chicago and the Weizmann Institute in Israel, produced a film on ancient history in England used at Oxford and Cambridge, adventured in conflict zones in India, and competed at the USA Mathematics Olympiad. He’s a keen sports fan (football, basketball, tennis, and cricket), is a student of political and military history, and finds the arts a great way to relax and discover.

Krishna received SB degrees in Materials Science and Engineering and Management Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is a graduate of Phillips Academy Andover.