Kevin Kolenda

Kevin Kolenda

Started 3 companies almost 1 million sales $1+ million in sales and $30+ million in sales

New York, New York, United States
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Entrepreneur from out of the womb Started 3 companies almost 1 million sales $1+ million in sales and $30+ million in sales Quote_down
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Created Putting Contests NOW the # 2 contest around the world. Have copyrights on others

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I want to invent something cool.

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Others believe it is easy.

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Hole-In-Won is a business, I started over 25+ years & sold in 2008. We were the FIRST company on the Internet for this niche industry which I define as "prize promotion contests provider". I have over 100,000 satisfied clients around the world and have "personally" paid out over $12 million dollars in prize promotion winners sans a partner, corporate backer. UUPRECEDENTED Provides products and services that NO-one else in the world provides . . . exclusively for selective industries & corporations such as Harley-Davidson, auto industry, PBR Pro Bull Riders, Archery, PDGA, Pizza Hut, Chambers of Commerce, Military Golf courses Helicopter ball drop to name a few. Priding in taking care of LOCAL HOMETOWN GOLF EVENTS first & foremost, as well as the largest prize provider in the Caribbean China, Hong Kong, Russia, Central South America many others around the world . . . our main focus is still the good 'ol USA. With this long standing PRIVATE co. history and Proprietary Industry Establishing background we consider ourselves to be lite years ahead of our industry curve and due to this, at times misinterpreted, confused, even slagged by misinformation poor guesswork from officials, journalists other sources, mainly to our steadfast refusal to divulge this maturation of exclusive statistical info unbeknownst to an inexperienced as well as experienced competitor marketplace. Bottom line is that no Comparable Company or quasi expert can come close to knowing or providing what we can and do, no matter what they tell ya :) MORE INFO go to:¤t=blogger.png¤t=youtube.png CARIBBEAN Golf