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Kevin Andreassend

Auckland, New Zealand
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I was born with an interest in technology, international relationships and needing to know how to connect the dots. My pre-teen entreprenurial activities include - earliest agriculture endeavours was trying to grow cashew nuts  in our garden, establishing my home theatre at 8 years old, and running our own Formula One Grand Prix with racing carts built by my father. I started out connecting with people in Romania, Japan and USA well before computers existed or the current trend called Social Media. Essentially I was into media before it became fashionable and was social at every opportunity.


Cute as these earlier attempts were, they actually set a direction that today is the basis of my international business activities.


Today my commercial activities revolve in the areas of high performance display screen technology, interactive solutions, and Formula One simulation.  I work with a variety of global patent owners and manufacturers to deliver integrated solutions that deliver new ways of integrating and delivering digital experiences.