Kathy Johnson

Kathy Johnson

Website: www.consortpartners.com/blog
Ross, California, United States
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I'm the co-founder of Consort Partners, a PR/Marketing boutique that specializes in disruptive technologies (and entrepreneurs!).  But I'll admit to you that I've never worked for a PR agency in my life.  Instead, I was out there meeting with journalists and analysts as the co-founder of Blinkx.  In fact, the photo in my profile is from my appearance on CNBC's Power Lunch.  I was pretty darn nervous, but at least I was well prepared to tell the story in concise sound bites.  And now that I've been on the hot seat and know what it feels like, I'm here to help you through the process.  And, by the way, the rest of my background is in business development... which means I think PR is simply another form of business development. It should deliver something tangible - a higher profile for your fundraising efforts; increased traffic; new partnership opportunities; or elevation of your brand for recruitment, acquistion, and... more press ;-)


Please stop by and check out the news we've generated for some of our clients here, and you can also visit my blog here. 


Hope to meet you soon.