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Joshua Levinberg

Tel Aviv, Israel
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Joshua Levinberg is an Israeli entrepreneur and businessman with a remarkable record as an investor, founder and co-founder of several high-tech businesses that span many realms, including satellite communications equipment, digital printing and online advice services.

Joshua grew up in the coastal city of Tel Aviv and studied at the well-known “Ohel Shem” high school, a school recognized today as having educated many highly successful entre-preneurs. After earning a B.Sc. in electrical engineering and electronics at Tel Aviv Univer-sity, he began his impressive widespread career.

Business History

Joshua Levinberg was a co-founder of Gilat Satellite Networks LTD (publicly traded as NASDAQ:GILT) in 1987 and held the position of Vice President of Marketing and Business Development. In 1989 he made a move to the US and established the company’s pres-ence in the country where he served as Executive Vice President and General Manager of Gilat Inc. In 1994 Joshua Levinberg took over the position of Senior Vice President of Business Development and in 1995 he was also named Vice President of Marketing for GE Spacenet, which was later acquired by Gilat and is now Gilat’s fully owned subsidiary. In 2005 he became the Executive Vice President of Corporate Business Development and Strategy of Gilat and today holds the position of Senior Advisor for Business Development and Corporate Strategy.

Gilat Satellite Networks designs, produces and supplies customers in more than 85 coun-tries with its own very small aperture terminals, or VSATs. It is also a supplier of innovative networking and digital satellite communications solutions and services required for the Internet industry. Both private and business clients, as well as governmental agencies, de-pend on Gilat’s broadband products for the reliability and dependability of their networks.

In addition, Levinberg co-founded Satlynx S.A. and served as the first Chairman of the Board from 2002 until 2003. As a European provider of integrated broadband communica-tions solutions by satellite, the company’s clientele includes not only large corporate estab-lishments, but also smaller private customers and home-based businesses, mainly on the European continent. Satlynx S.A. now operates under the name GE-Satcom following an acquisition by General Electric.

Joshua Levinberg was also the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Global Village Tele-com (GVT) from 1998-1999. GVT, based in Brazil, provides specific products and solu-tions to the local telecommunications market. The company was bought by Vivendi in 2009 for a value exceeding $4 billion.

Joshua Levinberg was recently given the chance to speak about Gilat's involvement in Brazil's telecommunications industry at the Tel Aviv University's MIT Enterprise Forum (see video on the right-hand corner). He described the plentiful business opportunities that Brazil has to offer as well as the work Gilat is doing in that country, such as the GESAC program that focuses on providing Internet access to Brazil's children.

Investing in Business

Joshua Levinberg co-founded and invested in Agropeace Bio, an Israeli firm that special-izes in the African based bio-diesel market. The company invests in castor fields, and after separating the castor seeds they are used for extracting oil for the bio-diesel industry and other commercial uses.

Joshua Levinberg sits on the Board of Directors at NanoRep, a customer support solution. NanoRep reduces support costs, as it is designed to answer thousands of questions from customers in a wide array of industries, 24 hours a day, in real time. 

StyleRiver is another company that Joshua Levinberg is involved with. An online "styling house" for the whole family. Men, women and children can find high fashion suggestions at massive discounts of up to 70%. StyleRiver is highly popular in Israel, as a market for shoes, accessories and jewelry, as well as fashionable clothing. 

Joshua Levinberg is also an investor or serves as a director in many other established companies including Kasamba (today known as LivePerson), Capital Point, Kargal,, DenTack, Xsight Systems, Matan Digital Printers and GoNetworks.