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Jonny Shaw

New York, New York, United States
Member since April 12, 2012
master chieftan at naked play. creator of lucky voice karaoke Quote_down
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i didn't like how the boss guy looked at his assistant

Full bio
Jonny has been 'working' in the world of play all
his career.
Having started off his career researching PlaySta-
tion brand across Europe, he then moved to BBH
were he worked on the launch of Xbox in Europe.
Whilst at BBH he realised how much he liked to
sing in his play time, which led him to come up
with the idea for Lucky Voice. Lucky Voice is now
the leading brand in the burgeoning European kar-
aoke market.
Whilst researching for Lucky Voice he spent some
time in Japan and remembered how much he liked
playing there, so he moved to Tokyo and ran the
planning departments at TBWA and BBH before start-
ing the Japanese office of Naked.
In Japan he has been working with big games compa-
nies (EA, 2K, Rockstar, to name a few) and also
consulting with big brands such as Coke, Axe, Goo-
gle and Nike and trying to get them to play more.
All of which has led to him to focus his efforts
single-mindedly in the field of play with the
creation of the 'Naked Play'  - a new global divi-
sion of Naked which is specialized in helping
brands better connect with their customers through
the medium of play.