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Joe Peacock

Atlanta, Georgia, United States
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I work for as the Creative Director (Crayon Monkey). I've been designing and developing websites since 1994. 

I'm also writer. I currently write for AOLNews and maintain a moderately-well-read blog. I've written two books, Mentally Incontinent (2005) and Mentally Incontinent (2009). They are completely different books. I thought I was clever; naming his books the way Seal named his first two albums. This was not clever. It was confusing, and I will never do it again. You can read both books for free if you wish. The first one is onGoogle Books, and the second one is available on (or, you can buy it on I also write notes to myself every single day. You can read them if you want.

I am also the owner of the world's largest private collection of production art from the film Akira. I'm currently exhibiting selections from my collection with ToonSeum in Pittsburgh. This is the reason why. He just talked at Pixar about the Art of Akira, and was in Edinburgh for Scotland Loves Animation. It was very neat.

I've also taught the internet how to write, publish and sell a book. This comes on the heels of teaching the internet how to fist-fight. Believe it or not, the two are not dissimilar. Other things that I've taught the internet: How To Get A Decent Tattoo, How To Talk To Atheists (If You're Christian), Why Men Fist-Bump and How To Work Out.

If you're looking to buy me gifts, I like caramel. A lot.