Jessica Kantor

Jessica Kantor

New York, New York, United States
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2003 New York University , BA

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Jessica Kantor has a deep love of technology and how it applies to culture. Out of her love for film and technology she launched FilmNewsBriefs keeps up to the minute on film industry news and explores how technology is changing entertainments landscape.


Jessica also has a deep interest in how audiences can interact with fine art and has been doing work with the artist collective, ArtBattles. ArtBattles produces events where artists paint live inspired by experience around them: the audience, the music, the surroundings and their fellow artists


Jessica also loves music and when not attending her bother’s music venue, (le) Poisson Rouge, she helps manage her friend Genevieve Labean’s music career. Through this Jessica stays up to date on all the new technologies supporting indie artists.


In her spare time, Jessica can be found in a ballet class, baking or at the gym.