Jennifer Chatfield

Jennifer Chatfield

San Francisco, California, United States
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1994 University of Minnesota , BA , Kinesiology/Sociology

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Jennifer grew up in Minnesota andgraduated from University of MN in 1994 with a degree in Kinesiology/Sociology.Immediately after graduation, she lived and traveled throughout Europe,developing her passions for the unique lifestyles and cultures.” I amparticularly moved by the notion that food and wine have the amazing ability toconnect people and strengthen communities.

Her passion of diverse cultures, cuisineand wine is also what attracted her to San Francisco.  After living inEurope, she moved back to her home city of Minneapolis, but felt homesick forthe European lifestyle.  After a few visits to San Francisco, she felt theEuropean spirit she was longing for and realized this is where shebelongs.  “San Francisco has such a European feel in so many ways. The free spirited attitude combined with innovative, creative and intelligentenergy is exactly what I want to be surrounded with.   The gorgeousand unique landscape, the diverse cultures and languages, as well as thepassion for food and wine.  San Francisco is where I thrive!”

Her dream took flight while working inwine sales for five years, representing a company whose portfolio primarilycentered around artisan Italian wineries. Through her daily experiences,Jennifer fell in love with San Francisco’s quaint, niche restaurants, thosewhose chefs and sommeliers thrive on their passion for the finest ingredients,who pair their menus with wines of distinct personalities, and who love toshare their knowledge. 

As a result of her entrepreneurialspirit and love for exciting and creative business ideas, she discovered astage of her own.  A forum to give back to the special, boutiquerestaurants by offering  the competitive advantage they need throughonline tools for connecting and communicating with their customers.  Aforum to keep customers engaged and receive feedback about their restaurantexperiences.  A place to get closer to their audience, while enhancingrevenues in the restaurant and online;makingthem just a little bit bigger and little bit brighter ……

The creation of Wineboo-k.