Jeff Burton

Jeff Burton

Berkeley, California, United States
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Jeff currently serves as the Executive Director at SkyDeck | Berkeley, the University’s only cross-discipline startup accelerator.  He was the third employee of Atari’s International Home Computer Division, responsible for its business development throughout Europe and the Middle East.  Just as the Venture Capital communities were awakening to the power of home computing and the serial potential of entrepreneurs in emerging digital companies, he joined former classmates as a founding team member of Electronic Arts.  There he led the company’s international expansion from inception until its IPO 7 years later.  With the advent of the Internet and the dominating role of software development, he founded and/or led a series of software companies including License to Mail, Cardsmith, The Hive Group, and Just Arrive, all of which were the result of ideas and skills of recent university graduates from the Bay Area.  Jeff obtained his undergraduate education and MBA at Stanford University and has lived in the Bay Area for the past 40 years.