Jay Drayer

Jay Drayer

Website: http://www.careflash.com
Houston, Texas, United States
Member since August 07, 2008
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CareFlash - Community when it Matters Most

I founded CareFlash in connection with two experiences in my life. The experience that motivated me to leave the world of corporate finance (CFO) surrounded the 9/11 tragedies where I saw the second plane's impact on the WTC as I headed to a 9am meeting at 60 Wall, exiting the subway to witness the incident.

The experience that gave me the notion there was a huge need for CareFlash surrounded a health crisis involving a close family member which was my first experience as caretaker to someone dealing with tough, chronic health challenges. It was an eye opener into the challenges caretakers face, the experiences that well-meaning family members and friends are encountering, and the necessity and priority involving focusing on the patient.

CareFlash empowers people to create private online communities to enable others to rally ‘round and be a part of the experience. Each community features a secure blog for updates, explanations and well wishes.

When anyone creates a CareFlash community and specifies the circumstances, 3-D animations directly pertinent to the particular circumstance automatically and dynamically load into each community to benefit members. Our animations (there are thousands) explain illnesses, treatments and anatomy at a cellular level... plainly narrated in English, Spanish, Hungarian, Dutch, Arabic and others.

The iHelp calendar provides a friendly way for people to request and organize help from within their personal community involving assistance, meals and errands without putting anyone on the spot, and in a way that eliminates the redundancy and confusion that so commonly accompany such circumstances.

The bottom line?... We provide caretakers a private framework to get things done when they need to be done, flexibility when they need to focus on their own sanity, and priority when all their well-meaning loved ones are wanting to be engaged and involved… allowing them to focus on the most important person – the patient.