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Names 4 Media:

We're selling the Domain Names 
Jacket.com, Belts.com, Cap.com, 
etc, for £100,000 each (open to offers).

Why are domain names such big business?

"The secret has to do with what's known as 
type-in-traffic, or, in Wall Street jargon, direct 
navigation. Though it may seem odd in the era 
of powerful search engines, it turns out that millions 
of Internet surfers don't use search at all. Instead, 
they type what they're looking for right into the top 
of their Web browser. 

Looking to buy Chocolates? Type in Chocolates.com,
a name H & C bought for $683,000, or first
first registered themselves. A page filled with 
chocolate-related products comes up. Click on
one of the advertisements and the advertiser 
pays Google, which in turns sends a share to
H & C company and the company that runs
Chocolates.com. Some days Chocolates.com
makes H & C USD $30,000 in profits (likely), the 
website paid for itself in less than one month.

Generic domain names are one-of-a-kind -- and
people were saying to others, "Hey you know, 
domains are one-of-a-kind -- they're going to be
worth money someday. In particular, the generic
domains are going to be worth a lot." 

Why domain names in other languages are such big business?

The secret has to do with what is known as
International Searches. Though it may seem odd
that millions of Internet surfers would want to use
any other language except English. Instead, 
millions of non-English speaking Internet surfers  
type what they're looking for right into the top of 
Web browser in their own language.

International Domain Names, or IDNs, are one-of-
a-kind and they have been snapped up since 2000,
people are saying to others "Hey you know, IDNs are
one-of-a-kind -- they;re going to be worth money
someday, people will be selling them to each other.
In particular, the generic IDN domains are going to
be worth a lot." 

We want to make the first IDN sales on Vator.tv. Will
there be a "IDN aftermarket" someday? There already is.

We feel Vator.tv Companies have missed out on an
opportunity by not reserving the generic keywords - 
Jacket.com, Belts.com, Cap.com, etc, - ahead of time, 
here's why. We think that Vator.tv Companies are 
focused on owning great websites. We think they want 
people to buy Jackets, Belts, Caps, etc, online and 
make them more apart of people's likves. If you build a
website online, then people depend on using you 
company.  Just like the non-IDN domain name 
Chocolate.com (which sold to H & C Company) -- it 
didn't worry because by buying the generic chocolate 
domain name called 'chocolate.com' (Chocolate 
shoppers would come).

Let me start by saying that by no means are IDN domain 
names like Jacket.com , Belts.com, Cap.com highly 
typed-in, but if you make a quick investment, you could 
reap such as making GBP £20,000 a day for GBP 
£100,000, (which will cost mid 2011 GBP £400,000).

We would say that domain name investing is the only 
money making activity you can do automatically for fun, 
and the risk is low, and success is astronomically high, 
so you can expect to quit your day job anytime soon.

In case you want to try your hand at this, partner with us, 
buy shares in our premium generic IDN domains, just  
contact us via PRIVATE MESSAGE (PM).