Gil Penchina

Gil Penchina

Accredited investor
Member since January 15, 2012
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Credentials Accredited Investor, Qualified Purchaser
Investments made Flowdock, Nuzzel, IndieGoGo, Wikia, Plusmo, HealthTap, Yelp, Wink , Flock, LinkedIn, Coveroo, Wealthfront, Viddy, FreshPlanet, Playdek, MightyText, Betable, PayPal, Verious, Fastly, Sitejabber, Couchsurfing, WeHeartIt, MashLogic, Voicestar, Phoenix Guild,, Evite, Xtime, Feedster,, Qype, Kibop, Black Duck Software, Alladvantage, Rally Software, Vamoose, BigDeal, eTour, Aveo, ZipRealty, Koders, Exava, UltraRPM, Betzip, songpop, Findwhat, Vatera,,, GetAShare, Tessera Diagnostics, Properazzi, GiveMeTalk

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Angel investor in Linkedin, Wikia, Fastly, Paypal, Tinfoil Security,, Findwhat, Evite, Betzip, Qype, WeHeartIt and many more.

Angel investments and exits:

LinkedIn (IPO)        
Coveroo    (funded)        
Wealthfront (funded)        
Viddy (funded)        
Flowdock (acquired by Rally Software)    
FreshPlanet (funded)        
Playdek (funded)        
Tinfoil Security (funded)        
Nuzzel     (funded)        
MightyText (funded)        
Betable (funded)        
PayPal (acquired by eBay,$1.5B)
IndieGoGo (funded)        
Wikia Search (funded)        
Plusmo (acquired by AT&T)    
MashLogic (acquired by Groupon)    
Verious (funded)        
HealthTap (funded)        
Sitejabber (funded)        
Couchsurfing (funded)        
Wink (acquired by MyLife)    
Fastly  (funded)        
WeHeartIt (funded)        
Flock (acquired by Zynga)    
Black Duck Software (funded)        
BigDeal (exit)        
Voicestar (acquired by Marchex, $28M)
Phoenix Guild (funded)        
Evite (acquired by Liberty Media)    
Xtime  (funded) (funded)        
Feedster (funded) (funded)        
Qype (acquired  by Yelp, $50M)
Rally Software  (IPO)        
songpop (funded)        
Findwhat (funded)        
Koders (acquired by Black Duck Software)    
Exava (funded)        
UltraRPM (funded)        
Properazzi (funded)        
ZipRealty (funded)        
Vatera (funded) (funded) (funded)        
Tessera Diagnostics (funded)        
Aveo (IPO)        
GiveMeTalk (funded)