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Ekaterina Dorozhkina

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Co-founder and Managing Partner at Starta Ventures Quote_down
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Katya is an entrepreneur, economist, and investor in startups. She is a published author of books on marketing, business and entrepreneurship. Forbes and other magazines contributor. 

Katya started her marketing career at Nielsen. Later she improved her product and business development skills in different industries, such as pharmaceutical, IT and FinTech, working for Wall street companies. 

In 2009, she co-founded DenArt, her own company and worked with clients like Samsung, Casio, American Express, American Airlines, and others. With over 10 years of experience in both startup ecosystem and corporate world, Katya enjoys helping start-ups and entrepreneurs.

In 2015, Katya joined Starta Capital VC fund as a Managing Partner. The fund invests in tech startups at seed and pre-seed stages.

Later that year Katya co-founded Starta Accelerator (www.startaaccelerator.com). Starta Accelerator is New York City-based program that aims to empower startups with Eastern European roots and frontier technology through a special 3,5 month mentorship program. 

Early 2017 she co-founded and set up Sputnik Space (http://www.sputnikspace.com), Acceleration & co-working as a service for all international founders. 

July 2017, raised $5M through Starta ICO with the purpose to democratize venture capital fundraising and launched Token Rockets (http://www.tokenrockets.com), a program for Blockchain startups. 

Katya received her Master's in International Economics. Currently, a PhD candidate in Economics. 

In her free time, she writes books for children and donates all the royalties to charity fund “Change One Life’, which helps connect orphans with families.