Lecturer in Cardiovascular Medicine and Director Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation Unit at San Raffaele Hospital Founding Member International Heart Health Society Experience in Health IT, founding member Health On The Net (Geneva)

Member since February 10, 2017
I am a cardiologist with a passion for technology and innovation in healthcare. Quote_down
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Amicomed Inc.
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Amicomed Inc.
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Disrupting the way ICT was used in the clinical arena: initially with the design and development of a PC-based networked end- user DBMS solution in a Mainframe ICT hospital setting (1986) and conceiving internet-connected clinical databases at the beginning of the Net Era (1995-onward).

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Director of the Cardiovascular Rehabilitation and Prevention @ Ospedale San Raffaele - Milan

Lecturer in Cardiovascular Disease @ Università Vita-Salute San Raffaele - Milan for the
- School of Medicine (Italian course) 
- International MD Program (English Course) 
- PostGraduate School in Cardiology

Deputy Editor-in-Chief. - International Journal of cardiology - Elsevier

Clinical investigator mainly in the area of coronary artery disease (see Pubmed link below for publications). Participated to several international clnical trials (phase III and phase II).
Co-designed and coordinated international multicenter studies on acute myocardial infarction (FAMI-study, see below) and unstable angina (SPAI-study, see below). Into those, developed pioneering ICT solutions for conducting the studies: Java based web ECG-visualization, remote databases (1995-1998); web-only data collection & online study monitoring, (2001), 

Chief Scientific Officer & Co-Founder @ AMICOMED
the innovative all-digital Blood Pressure Management and Reduction Service

Cardiologist with an evolving interest in newer technology.
Pioneer at the dawn of the internet era was among the founders of the Health On the Net (
Involved in the international arena in ICT in cardiology, telemedicine and health telematics partecipating and/or coordinating internationally funded (EU - G7/G8 - ESA) projects spanning from wearable sensors and ECG to satellite cardiac monitoring.
Served in information technology committees of national and international scientific societies (e.g.: Eur.Soc.Cardiology, Am.Coll.Cardiology) or gov't bodies (Health Canada)

Deputy Editor International Journal of Cardiology -