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Crystal Huang

Global citizen/COO of SfunCube/China Strategist of Climate Solutions Project/ Loves good food and beer

Member since April 14, 2014
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Crystal Huang is the COO and China strategist for SfunCube, the only solar specific incubator in the world, catalyzing the global solar ascend in the emerging markets. She is exploring ways to open up a more collaborative relationship between China and the world to find the key to the solar rooftop market in the world.

While working with SfunCube, she also heads the China strategy for the Climate Solutions Projects aims to open up a new perspective of opportunity for the way out of the global climate crisis facing us today and the very near future.

Previously the Analyst for Suntech’s Chief Commercial Officer, she was one of the main contributors to the global sales and marketing strategy for Suntech when it was the world’s largest solar panel manufacturer. She worked closely with Suntech’s senior executives around the world to spread solar globally.