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Colin Shove

Salon Advantage is the leading provider of salon management applications to independently owned salons across the UK

Eastbourne, United Kingdom
Member since March 16, 2014
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Salon Advantage is the leading provider of salon management applications to independently owned salons across the UK Salon Advantage offers every thing the other industry leading software systems do and much more! Our clientèle understand they are buying much more than just a straightforward software package. You will get our experience staff as part of your in house team. And they'll not quit until your salon is a roaring success. Anyone and everyone can control our simple-touse salon diary software. And lurking behind the appointment diary software is our powerful database. It records every button you press and every piece of information you add; it analyses them, sorts them and puts them to work, making your hair salon business more efficient and profitable. You are able to print out over 100 reports including information from your salon. You get to control, arrange, and streamline your salon business unlike ever before with Salon Advantage's software. Our stock management functions are not only easy to use they are also essential to any salon wishing to control stock and improve profitability. Deals with providers, bonuses, intuitions and poor advice are one of the reasons many salons are either over or erroneously stocked. Salon Advantage's salon software can help your company prevent under and overstocked situations, increasing your gains! And our SMART marketing package has dozens of premade SMS campaigns to help retain clientele and keep them coming back for more There are over 25 campaigns which are fully automatic, the campaigns which contain non returning customers will run automatically every day of the week, every week of the year, without you doing absolutely anything. No other salon software company can match our distinctive salon software package! We operate on the principle that we are not just selling you a salon management tool, but we show you the way to operate it within and out, to acquire the most from it to benefit your company.. We won't rest until we've helped to grow your company, which means we are with you all the way, helping you to train your staff and get the most out of our software. Salon Advantage's applications starts as low as twenty-three pounds each week, with interest free packages available! Book a live demonstration by giving us a call on 01323 737691