Christina Thompson

Christina Thompson

Tempe, Arizona, United States
Member since October 13, 2010
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Full bio

Charming. Spirited. A one-of-a-kind "You can do it!” "
Employee to Entrepreneur through Network Marketing.
I was born and raised in the then rural Kyrene district
located at the southern part of Tempe, AZ.
I am the first born to four brothers therefore
my nick name is "sister". I didn't know this was
special since I was just as down to earth and knee deep
in dirt playing war and using dirt clods as bombs. We all
had cuts, scrapes and bandages daily.
I love my baby brothers!

My passion is seeing people take action and transforming
their personal lives into everything they ever desired.
True story's and biographys are my favorite entertainment.
I believe everyone has a story to share.

Present time I am now a Happy Grandma to three beautiful granddaughters. They completely drive me and it is better than homemade ice-cream. My hopes and dreams are to be the best Grandma ever..

I raised two daughters and a son as a single parent with co-parenting from my mother who was always there and more. All three have made me and my mother very proud.

"How come Christina Thompson is healthy wealthy wise and more!?"