Bryan Schulte

Bryan Schulte

Data guy, trying to leave the world a slightly smarter place than I found it. Serial entrepreneur, founder of, acquired by TeamBuy in 2012. Currently cofounder of

Seattle, WA
Member since February 03, 2015
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1999 Northwestern , MS , Mathematics
1997 University of Chicago , BA , Mathematics

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Fabfind, Cloudstead, Inc
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A cofounder of, Bryan has over a decade of experience working with data to transform the way people do business; he's worked with companies including Accenture, Novartis and Unilever to build products that have delivered over $100M in value and redefined the state of the art in the supply chain, procurement and local commerce spaces.

Bryan was cofounder of Fabfind, one of Canda's leading early socialy commerce startups. Fabfind was acquired by TeamBuy in August 2012.

Bryan holds bachelors and masters degrees in mathematics from the University of Chicago and Northwestern University.