Anurag Nigam

Anurag Nigam

San Francisco, California, United States
Accredited investor
Member since May 29, 2007
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Investments partners President of the Sand Hill Angels
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Sand Hill Angels
Credentials Accredited Investor
Investments made DoubleDutch, Liftopia, 500 Startups, Sift, hi5, RateItAll, Inc., 3tera, 500friends, Appbistro, XGraph, Modcloth, Spinnakr, Right Side Capital Management, TwitMusic, Dealflicks, Vaxart, Global Fresh Foods, Tandem Capital, Storypanda, Winster, Ploom, Prysm, Podaddies, Sharevault, Athleague, ZEDO, Opelin, Smartvu, BioImagene, Corium International, Anterios, Gilamed, Figure8, DealPal
1995 Carnegie Mellon University , BS

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He is the President & Board Director of Sand Hill Angels, a group of 60 Silicon Valley angels investing in innovative technology companies.  He has been an active angel investor for the last 8 years putting his money into 40+ companies including 3Tera (bought by CA), Modcloth and XGraph.  His investing interest range from consumer internet to medical devices.

Anurag took part in starting 6 different startups.  He was on the founding teams at Cerent Corp (bought by Cisco) and Siara Systems (bought by Redback Networks).  Anu switched into the consumer internet space and was an investor & founder of  He is currently the founder and CEO of, a near-time personalized news service for people who want to stay informed without being overwhelmed.

He is an Electrical and Computer Engineering graduate from Carnegie Mellon University and is on the board of the Andrew Carnegie Society at CMU.  He is also on the board of the Zero Divide Foundation and advises other non-profits.

Anurag is passionate about entrepreneurship actively mentoring many startups and social enterprises.  He believes the future lies in creating a "public private market" when private markets will be more public thereby allowing easier liquidity, encouraging more entrepreneurship and therefore increasing overall productivity.  He can be reached at or

Angel investments and exits:

XGraph (acquired by  AddThis)
Hi5 (acquired by Tagged)
BioImagene (acquired by Roche Holding for acquired $100M)
500friends (funded)
Appbistro (funded)
DoubleDutch (funded)
500 Startups (funded)
Modcloth (funded)
Liftopia (funded)
Right Side Capital Management (funded)
Twitmusic (funded)
Vaxart (funded)
Dealflicks (funded)
Sift (funded)
Global Fresh Foods (funded)
Vator.TV (funded)
Storypanda (funded)
RateitAll (funded)
neoDigital (funded)
Winster (funded)
Prysm (funded)
Ploom (funded)
Podaddies (funded)
ZEDO (funded)
Sharevault (funded)
Athleague (funded)
Opelin (funded)
Gilamed (funded)
Corium International (funded)
Anterios (funded)
Figure8 (funded)
DealPal (funded)
3Tera (funded)
Smartvue (funded)