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Beverly Hills, California, United States
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1975 High School

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Andrew Williams Jr. lives a life dedicated to impacting the global community for social justice. Best known for his heart for philanthropy, and wide network of global projects,  Andrew brings out of the box solutions that engages partnerships to deliver strong business outcomes. For over a decade, Andrew has helped the non-profit and private sector  reach tangible  business goals, that offers long-term change. Recognized and awarded achievements from  ambassador to international liaison around the world, Andrew  continues to pursue his vision of  making a difference both domestically and internationally through social justice.
Andrew Williams, Jr. is a mature, intelligent, and personable professional, possessing both high-tech and people skills. Having owned and operated a personal computer since 1987, he credits his love of reading; continual self-motivated independent career and educational research; the ability to articulately communicate in oral and written English; and an indefatigable determination to confidentially and competently perform detail-oriented, time-sensitive, mission-critical, and multi-task functions as key strengths.
These assets helped him to achieve honor roll status throughout elementary and high school, selection as President of BETA, Class President of the Student Council, election as the Executive Vice President of the Complex Council (5,000 students), and culminated in his graduating Summa Cum Laude (3.65 GPA, 1040 SAT), and representing the Class of 1975 as Second Speaker during Graduation ceremonies. His curricula included Latin I & II, French I, Spanish I, World History, Psychology, Public Speaking and Advanced English.
In the career field, Andrew has applied transferable communications skills, as a team player, to all phases of clerical, administrative, marketing, and management activities, in 25 years of work force experience, including 10 years in management and consultative capacities and 15 years as an executive assistant in the legal and finance industries. During that period, Mr. Williams has also accumulated over 15 years in the property management field. In the journalistic industry, Andrew has worked as editor, writer, proofreader, and reporter for private and community newsletters, newspapers, magazines and newzines
Andrew Williams Jr is a veteran advertising, sales and marketing executive based in Beverly Hills, California. His company, Wilcomnet LLC, pioneered the early transition by ad agencies from legacy management to virtual organization using a proprietary network of "personal adverting representatives" known as ParXTC . He has spent the past two years building an international network of CEOs, academics and activists with a shared interest in humanitarianism. Andrew is now working with the Facebook Embassy to advance the use of social networks to promote "people's diplomacy", starting with the global campaign to eradicate extreme forms of poverty by 2015. Andrew is ideally situated to connect companies, communities and countries with leading edge developments in policy, academia, sports, technology, and entertainment.


The development, coordination and administration of procurement programs,impacting all aspects of marketing communications: operations, salespromotions, publicity and personal selling.

The design, development andadministration of multi-lingual, multi-cultural marketing programs toaccomplish mission-critical and time-sensitive strategies, tactics andproject-specific objectives.

The brainstorming, formulating, drafting, developing, analyzing and/or fundingof administrative, operational, promotional, financial plans, programs, andmaterials to position, penetrate and/or expand company/venture in local,regional, national and/or international markets.

Review proposals, develop account requirements and procedures; coordinate tasksfor multi-dimensional projects. Drafting, merging, and administration ofeditorial, legal and promotional documents from multiple authors and sources.

The production and supervision of communications material, programs and campaigns;newsletters, magazines, newspapers, press and news releases; print andbroadcast appearances; interviews; direct mail campaigns and programs;audio/video taping and duplication; photography; employee manuals, etc.

The matching of professional and technical support services in financial,governmental, personnel, and management industries on an as-needed basis, toassist entrepreneurs, business owners, and home-based businesses achieve theirgoals and objectives.

Emergency and regularly scheduled legal word processing of complaints, forms,transcripts, responses, interrogatories, et cetera, from written drafts,dictation, diskettes, e-mail, or any other source - 24 hour availability, 365¼days per year
direct: 424-222-1997
Direct: 424-222-1997
skype: andrew.williams.jr



1. booking appointments/seeking participants for 5-year integrated,collaborative marketing campaign, sales program, bartering network in ALL 6,912languages to penetrate all 192 U.N. Member States, through all 350+ branches ofthe World Trade Center Association, and all Members and supporters of SisterCities International (,

2. working to inform and evangelize the first 1 Billionpeople, by 2020 to understand and spread that word that unplanned pregnanciescan be prevented without the use of contraceptive drugs cuts across all theboundaries and barriers so far erected on Earth, for whatever reason throughthe Global Awareness Campaign ( with support ofthe largest group of musicians and performers supporting a charity eventworldwide (

3. through a $5 Million per year, non-intrusive, self-sustaining internationalhumanitarian aide fund-raising campaign providing immediate and residual incomestreams for the charity, value added benefits to donors and financialincentives for supporters, worldwide(Andrew.addresses.hidden.for@non.subscribersibers).

4. . . in support of Social Traffic Inc.'s launch of a "handbook"guiding users to learn hands-on how to monetize and maximize the social networkingphenomenon, , with event planning, ticket sales and residual income streams forusers built into the core "engine". Events Listed offer a state ofthe art event management and social networking marketing platform, that canpublish event pages that showcase audio, video and up to 30 other plug and playfeeds and capsules for marketing their events. Social Traffic will help themmanage brochures and posters as well as electronic invitations and viralticketing commissions.

5. I am also asking everyone to work with the nearest "Sister CitiesInternational ( and to get yourcommunity to join their Cities Seeking Cities program( This will be the umbrellaorganization I have decided to support worldwide. Nothing will be required ofthem, but I support their mission of promoting a Global Citizen DiplomacyNetwork, and believe they provide a global infrastructure that our efforts canstrengthen and energize. . . and vice-versa.

*. Sister Cities International, Inc. parent organization
*. Each individual Sister City
*. Each of the Cities Seeking Cities on each Continent: Africa- (85 cities); Americas - (87 US cities plus 45 Non-UScities); Asia - (45 cities);Caribbean: (6 cities) -Europe: (31 cities); MiddleEast: (7 cities); Eurasia: (24 cities) and Oceana (0cities): 285 cities/communities worldwide.
*. Every community, non-profit organization, NGO, business, and individual thatparticipates in Sister Cities Annual Awards competition.

Logically speaking, linking the 2009 - 2015 U.S. Recovery and ReinvestmentProject to the United Nations Millennium Development Goals 2015 is the onlystep that makes sense for the inhabitants of the U.S. and the world:



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Gold bullion or dust, Diamonds, Textiles, other commodities (US$5 MillionMinimum) for purchase or sale?¬/AndrewWilliamsJr


Got a business, non-profit agency, school, retail store, service agency, tradeconsulate, event, performing artist, trade show, or fund-raiser to promote?Register free at:


Wikipedia? Support continuing free access for the whole world by making adonation to

If you are interested in participating in either project, or you have a projectwith which I may help, please let me know, as soon as it is convenient for you.

I am currently available for any pending or upcoming projects with which I maybe able to assist you. Please do not hesitate to contact me in that regard.While I have found that many treat that phrase as a "throw away"line, all I ask is that you put me to the test.