Amir Banifatemi

Amir Banifatemi

Entrepreneur, investor, product strategist. I help start, grow, and run companies. I work with startups and growth oriented companies on products and initiatives that could bring significant economic and societal impact.

California, United States
Member since May 11, 2010
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Investments made Fundly, MixRank, VOKLE, Tech Coast Angels, Wise Window, Inc., Getaround, Streak, Visually, Curebit, Verbling, Submittable, Microryza, Social Rewards, Strikingly, AwayFind, Momentum Machines, drumbi, Compass, Academize, Connectifier, Unfold, AuraWare, BrokerRoster, Mashermedia, Experiment, Javelin, Cheers, Conductrics, Faraday Bicycles, AirPair, Raynforest, VIsage,, Infobitt, LensGen Inc., MobileCause, Audienced m, TrueVault, Pogoseat, GetThis
Board seats drumbi, DreamFunded, Unfold Inc., Wonder Technologies m, Fusion Brakes, Curb Call, Enovant Foundation
Advisory positions Momentum Machines, drumbi, Compass, Social Rewards, BrokerRoster, MobileCause, Infobitt, Fusion Brakes, LensGen Inc.
1994 HEC , MBA
1986 UTC , MS , EE

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Amir's constant focus has always been on identifying and developing emerging and transformative technologies that can impact society in large and exponential ways. Amir does this by creating inter-disciplinary frameworks for understanding and planning new developments required to bring those technologies to market.

He usually works with startups and growth oriented companies. Special emphasis on knowledge sharing and education; 3D manufacturing, nanosciences and Robotics, real-time crowdsourcing, and predictive health and entertainment.

Amir also has managed a few private and public technology investment funds and knows how to establish fund operations and their overall strategies and requirements. 

He enjoys teaching and has been a guest lecturer and adjunct professor at UC Berkeley, Chapman University, Claremont McKenna College, UC Irvine, and HEC Paris

Specialties: Market opportunity evaluation, Product roadmap strategy, Pricing, Go-to-Market management, Funding and mentorship.