Victor Hanna

Victor Hanna

San Mateo, California, United States
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1985 Pace University, NYC , BA , Marketing, Management Info Systems

Full bio

Mr. Hanna has a diversified career in technology, marketing and management. He was a member of the four-person startup team of, which was one of the earliest pioneers in electronic commerce, pre-dating Ebay. reached annualized sales of over five hundred million dollars ($500,000,000) and a market capitalization of one billion eight hundred million dollars ($1,800,000,000) as a public company. He served as Vice President and managed the largest revenue producing division (85%) within the company for 6.5 years. He was also instrumental in developing many of the online strategies and methods deployed by the company. Onsale acquired in November 1999, and Mr. Hanna completed the integration of the acquired Egghead computer products Business and Merchandising group into Onsale's operations.

From 1989 to 1994, Mr. Hanna also served as President, CEO and Founder of Service Plus Technology, a preeminent distributor of local and wide area networking and remote access communication products that, during his tenure, led the market in dollar sales volume of remote access, thin-client and servers utilizing both remote node and remote control technologies. The company was sold to NASDAQ Company Solitec in 1993 and he remained on as Vice President of the acquired Company. He served as Vice President and Co-Founder of Amerimac Cal-West Financial, a retail and wholesale mortgage lender that today funds well over one billion dollars ($1,000,000,000) in loans annually. In New York City, Mr. Hanna served as a Financial Securities Consultant for Thompson McKinnon Securities, where he became one of the top retail producers in technology stock options within the firm. Finally, Mr. Hanna was an Automation Consultant for Touche Ross (now Deloitte Touche), where he, along with five (5) others, led a New York City-wide office automation project designed to computerize the Touche Ross Financial Services Group, which performed audits on major securities firms throughout New York City.

Mr. Hanna has a B.A. degree in Management Information Systems from Pace University in New York City and an A.A. degree in marketing from Nassau Community College.