Tal Schwartz

Tal Schwartz

Kfar Saba, Israel
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1997 Cornell University , PHD
1992 Caltech , BS

Full bio

Dr. Tal Schwartz is a technology entrepreneur, educator and Founder & CEO of ClickTale Ltd. (Haifa, Israel).


ClickTale ( is a web analytics service that captures and analyzes customer interactions inside web pages, revolutionizing traditional web analytics that measure activity between pages. ClickTale records and plays back customer's every online interaction, every mouse movement, click, scroll, keystroke, and window resize. Subscribers to ClickTale have been able to increase revenues and improve usability by minimizing abandonment of shopping carts, maximizing completion of online forms, optimizing landing pages, and running usability testing. ClickTale is a hosted service, so there is no software to install and setup takes less than 5 minutes. Read more in our blog at

Dr. Schwartz is a co-founder of the Technion’s Bronica Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center which promotes entrepreneurship in Israel. Dr. Schwartz has taught at the Technion’s MBA, graduate, and undergraduate programs, as well as at the California Institute of Technology, Tel-Aviv University, the University of Haifa and DePaul University in Chicago.

Dr. Schwartz received his bachelor's degrees in Economics and Mechanical Engineering from the California Institute of Technology (1992) and earned his master’s and doctorate degrees in Finance from Cornell University (1997).