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SpookyDan Walker

Website: www.Spookydan.com
North Hollywood, California, United States
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1993 The Art Institute of Pittsburgh , BA

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Oct 09
Horror Culture Activist: championing the genre by bringing visibility to horror films and filmmakers. Helping unify and connect the massive (and largely untapped) horror audience and bringing HORROR CULTURE into mainstream pop culture is my mission.

2009 Spooky Highlights:
*Featured on Bravo's13 SCARIER MOVIE MOMENTS
*Presenter at The Reaper Awards
*Hosted over 20 Live Repo Screenings.
*Toured as host for Repo Road Tour 3.
*Twilight the Puppet Saga has reached 670,000 views on YouTube! Over 6900 favorite votes, 4000 comments, 4100 Ratings (4.8 Stars) and showcased on over 100 different websites, including Turner Classic Movies, Sci-fi.com, and People Magazine!
* www.bloody-disgusting.com
After 5 years at BD conducting countless interviews, and producing 16 episodes of BDTV (with 60 Frames Ent.) in Feb 2009, I decided it was time to leave BD to make my own film.

The process of making my first feature film has been a blast! I found myself in the center of a cult phenomenon happening in front of my eyes! Repo! the Genetic Opera has become the Rocky Horror for this generation and it has been an amazing journey documenting it from its early stages to the EVENT that it has become. Every weekend the film is playing with Shadow casts, and fans dressing up and singing along! REPO has garnered it's cult status through blogs, viral fan films, fan created artwork and like any good CULT the fans have become a family. The documentary is set to release in early 2010.

In August I returned to horror at the newly launched www.spookydan.com.
Films and events covered:
Halloween 2
The Collector
Jennifer's Body
The Hills Run Red
The Human Centipede
LO (The Demon)
Home Media Magazine: The Reaper Awards
Shriekfest Film Festival
ScreamFest Film Festival

2009 has been a busy year & no signs of slowing down now. With a strategic partnership at LIT Post Production and 4 different "projects" in the works 2009 is continuing to be an exciting year!


Horror Expert, Horror Reviews, Producer, Live Event Hosting, Branding and Marketing, Writing, Journalism, Emerging Technologies, Visual FX Artist, Practical FX Artist, Documentarian