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WineConsumer is a universal consumer wine brand that crosses over multiple wine consumer market segments. As a universal wine brand, WineConsumer is unique because it does more than one thing. The biggest thing it does, however, is it makes wine more approachable through a down to earth and unpretentious brand identity specifically focused on the average everyday wine consumer. WineConsumer is:  An online wine community and source for consumer wine information, a place on the web where consumer’s can vote for and rank the wines of the World.  A printed consumer wine magazine called WineConsumer Magazine.  A retail distributor of wines and wine products with both online and physical locations.  A line of signature wine products.  A provider of consumer wine services.  A host for consumer wine events and festivals like the Consumer Wine Awards and the Consumer Wine Festival.  And a non-profit that gives back to local communities and environmental causes through The WineConsumer Foundation at WineConsumer is a registered trademark of WineConsumer, Inc.