Rajeev Goel

Rajeev Goel

Palo Alto, California, United States
Member since August 13, 2008
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PubMatic is hiring!  We're looking for the smartest people in online advertising in Palo Alto and New York.  Contact Rajeev Goel at rajeev . goel (at) pubmatic dot com

 - Marketing Manager (Palo Alto): Work with the Director of Marketing on product marketing, positioning, and marketing program strategy.  Lead execution of key marketing initiatives.  3-4 years of relevant experience required. (http://www.pubmatic.com/about/marketingmanager.html)
- Sr. Director, Publisher Development (New York): Establish and grow successful relationships with ComScore 500 publishers.  Pitch them on the PubMatic solution, bring them on board, and ensure their success.  6+ years sales experience and relationships with top-tier publishers required. (http://www.pubmatic.com/about/dpdPA.html)
- Ad Network Development/Sales (New York & Palo Alto): Establish and grow successful ad network relationships.  Evangelize the PubMatic solution and determine the appropriate product and services fit.  4-6 years in business development or sales experience required with advanced technology solutions in the online advertising space. (http://www.pubmatic.com/about/doasNY.html)

- Ad Network Relationship Manager (Palo Alto): Manage our critical ad network relationships and ensure that all of our top-tier publisher clients meet with continued monetization success.  2 years of account management and online advertising experience required.