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Mark Wayman

Emeryville, California, United States
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Social Gears ( is a social application development firm focused on the following ventures:

Social Real Estate
We're working on something evolutionary in the real estate world - watch this space!

SNReach (
SNReach is the Leader in Social Network Marketing Analytics and Growth. We maximize your success by growing and measuring your social sharing multipliers -- now you can fully monetize your websites, emails, search ads and Facebook pages via optimized viral spread.

Entertainment Apps.
We recently launched our first virtual currency based game and will be launching a series of more comprehensive efforts in coming months on Facebook, MySpace and other OpenSocial containers. We are also exploring the iPhone & Blackberry mobile platforms.

We have created client solutions for the likes of Ogilvy & Mather, Nestlé, IBM and the American Chemistry Council. We recently launched a charitable initiative for breast cancer awareness.

Co-founder of Network Earth, Inc., founded in 1995. I'm responsible for all strategic and technical direction including the creative energy behind some of our own products as well as adding significant value to our client projects.

Our currently launched (5+ years) successful venture is AgencyLogic PowerSites ( PowerSites are single property Websites that are 100% dedicated to one listing. Realtors/Real Estate professionals use them to help win the listing and to market the property. They are free to try and inexpensive to publish.

In addition to founding Network Earth, I also co-founded and was a board member of ParentWatch, Inc. (now Arrowsight, Inc.), a secure remote video solution for the childcare industry. My contributions included initial concept, research and development for video delivery and back-end administration systems as well as assisting in raising substantial venture capital funding.