Kyle Kemper

Kyle Kemper

Technologist focused on the emerging crypto-currency markets. Past work experience includes mobile app development, venture capital, strategic consulting, restaurant management, and golf instructor.

Ottawa, Canada
Member since October 22, 2008
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2007 Dalhousie University Commere (Entrepreneurship & Marketing)

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Forest gump summed it up best - "Life is like a box of never know what you're going to get"

From starting a landscaping company in high-school to investing in the future of money, my life has been heavily influenced by business and the notion of creating value.

Family, friends and happiness are the pillars of my life. Everything I do is done with these three things in mind. 

I'm a sports and outdoors enthusiast. Growing up in Ottawa has provided me with one of the worlds great playgrounds for activities of all sorts. 

Travelling is a great passion of mine and has taken me to countless countries and nearly all the provinces of Canada. 

Feel free to contact me about whatever, whenever, wherever.