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Derek Johnson

Seattle, Washington, United States
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2007 University of Houston Entrepreneurial Studies

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With the vision to provide groups a free, easy and fast way to communicate with group members via SMS, Derek Johnson founded in 2007. Initially started as a way for his Fraternity to communicate with his Fraternity brothers, has grown to become a multi-million dollar leader in it's industry. As CEO, Derek is primarily focused on how to best translate user needs into a great service while directing in their strategic direction. 

A 23-year-old dropout of the University of Houston Entrepreneurial program,Derek has raised half a million dollars in investments for the company from private investors and the Bellingham Angel Group. has done over 25 million messages since their launch and services all types of groups such as College organizations, churches, athletic teams, political candidates and non-profit groups. 

As any entrepreneur will tell you, launching a company is hard work. Derek, a self proclaimed workaholic puts in 100+ hour workweeks to fulfill his vision of

To make all the effort of launching as rewarding as possible for his employees, Derek has tried to keep the atmosphere a fun and exciting place to come to work everyday. The company's current office is located just outside of Seattle, WA. In the office you will find fridges stocked with energy drinks for the long hours the team puts in, a plasma TV for movie nights, blaring music, and walls covered with whiteboards as employees are always brainstorming new ideas.

Derek and the team have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Seattle Times, Mashable, TechCrunch and other national publications.