Chris Surdi

Chris Surdi

Mountain View, California, United States
Member since March 11, 2008
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2006 San Jose State University , BS , BS in Business Admin. with concentration in Marketing

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Mr. Surdi is a serial entrepreneur with a specialty in Marketing and Business Development. His interest in life changing, disruptive technologies is what attracted him to PowerBeam. Mr. Surdi firmly believes that PowerBeam has figured out what scientists have been trying to discover since the discovery of the light bulb and feels that wireless electricity will not only improve our current electrical needs but will spawn a wave of new inventions and technologies useful on this earth and beyond.

Mr. Surdi has extensive knowledge in the start up environment, has many entrepreneurial achievements and a great deal of experience in leadership. In 2002, Mr. Surdi launched an internet company called which returned its investment in nine months. In 2006, he co-founded a company called Global Educational Program which is currently the premier firm providing Business Development for foreign executives and students in the Silicon Valley. He has also won a number of awards in entrepreneurship at both the local and national level.