Alec Saunders

Alec Saunders

Ottawa, Canada
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1987 University of Waterloo , BS , B. Math

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Passionately engaged with how technology can positively affect quality of life, Alec wants to see five-year plans on the market in one. A double-decade veteran of product management and marketing, he spent nine years at Microsoft where he helped launch Windows 95, the first two versions of Internet Explorer, the Universal Plug and Play initiative, the push into home markets, opt-in email marketing and what might well go down in history as the very first direct email list ever. To positively affect his own life he frequently turns to his favorite vegetable, the jalapeno pepper. "I grown them in my own garden, allow them to ripen to sweet red firecrackers and then smoke them over mesquite to make chipotle," he says. "Then I add them to chile con carne. Why? Because sweet and heat belong together. I also like celeriac diced, steamed and served in white sauce with meatballs the way my mum makes it."